10 Top Reasons To Hire A Private Investigator

1) Due Diligence Investigations:

Due diligence is the process of looking for any hidden liabilities before you enter into a contract or agreement with another individual or company. A due diligence investigation ensures that you have the information you need regarding the benefits and risks of a transaction before making a major decision.  High-stakes transactions whether International or Domestic, on a corporate or individual level can be reduced dramatically with the proper professional due diligence investigation.

2) Pre-Employment Screening:

Also sometimes called a “background check,” a preemployment screening is a verification of future applicant or current employees information and background. Investigators can use screening techniques to determine if the applicant or employee can handle sensitive or confidential information and to assess the skills that are relevant to the position. This allows the Employers better time management, freeing them to deal with other important issues.

3) Identity Theft And “Catfish” Scams:

Due to more sophisticated technology, people are becoming more and more vulnerable to online scams. Social Media and online dating continues to increase in popularity, as well as shopping online and the use of so called “cookies” in your online data. All these types searches online leave your personal data exposed. Hackers love to send out thousands of false identity’s for the lonely at heart, scamming them for money and promising them love. This term is called “CatFishing” which basically means the assuming of a false identity with the intent to ascertain financial reward. Many people then turn to a private investigator to ID the profiler on the other side.

4) Locating Assets:

Whether your a large corporation, small business owner or just an individual(possibly going through a divorce)locating hidden assets may be the best defense in any civil case to help leverage your side. An investigator can audit certain records and locate what was NOT listed on any agreeable contracts, accounts or judgments. This may possibly increase your settlement with whatever transaction you are going through. Having reliable information is always the best defense in all corporate, small business and individual decision making matters.

5) Worker’s Compensation & Disability Investigations:

Whether you’re a large corporation, small business or an individual. Corporations and small businesses will use a private investigator to see how injured the subject maybe by conducting an interview or the use of surveillance. However, individual worker’s that suffered an injury may need a private investigator to look into their case to show cause of negligence on the employers part. Also, individuals that suffered an injury at another location or in a different way(personal injury case). Either way, private investigators are used to mitigate risk on either side and to ascertain proof.

6) Criminal Defense Investigations:

Conducting criminal defense investigations on a federal or state level requires more know how then one would think. Knowing the laws and what is and isn’t admissible in courts and following strict guidelines on ascertaining and preserving that evidence can be critical in making or breaking a case. A private investigator can help with all preservation of evidence, plus help find “Exculpatory” evidence in support of the defendant. An investigator can also interview witnesses, conduct background checks on individuals that testify against the defendant, gather evidence at a crime scene and develop facts that may have been missed by the police or D.A office. Which would greatly improved the defendants chances in a “NOT GUILTY” verdict.

7) Missing Persons Investigations:

Whether for business or domestic issues people go missing all the time for all different types of reasons. Some are easy to locate and some take a little bit of more time. A skilled private investigator can help you by, developing a profile of the subject’s pedigree information, then review and eliminate important details about the subject. The investigator then can put certain facts and pieces together to see the bigger picture, locating that subject.

8) Domestic Matters:

Many people that watch TV & movies believe this is the private investigators main source of revenue. Infidelity, divorce and premarital are a good source of revenue, however most experienced private investigators don’t rely on this. Infidelity & Divorce investigations are an emotional roller coaster for most people, being so emotionally involved can cause people to act in a irrational manner. Therefore, by hiring a professional investigator, keeps your emotions at a distance, which can help you keep a clear mind, allowing the investigator to do his job by ascertaining vital evidence for your case.

9) Child Custody & Abuse Investigations:

High emotions and irrational behavior can taint any vital evidence of either party. Our courts usually don’t create the best working or living conditions for the parents. That’s why, most Child Custody & Abuse investigations automatically have this emotion linked to it. By utilizing a professional investigator, it can help you remain more at ease, which can help you with the developing of critical evidence. Working with a private investigator can help you see more clearer and develop a plan of action, that will ascertain the facts of the case.

10) Landlord/Tenant Investigations:

Many landlords have a pre-screening process that utilizes the use of a professional investigation service. The investigators can assist you with a new or old tenant while being compliant in ascertaining the facts and evidence that the landlord or leasing agent requires. Background checks are usually the most common requests, However, tenants on the other hand can used a professional investigator after filing a lawsuit against a landlord, leasing agent or employees of a building. Either way the private investigator can be a valuable tool within the scope of your case.

There are so many more reasons to hire a private investigator. However, these are the top 10 reasons we have listed. If you require the services of a private investigator because you need assistance with any matter. Please feel free in contacting us by email at info@JLAssoc.com Or by telephone @ 212-949-6530 or 516-248-7111 ALL INQUIRES ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

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