Locating a particular subject or witness can be more difficult or simply depending on the information that is ascertained from the client. In litigation, one witness can be the difference between winning and losing. Unfortunately, that witness might not be easy to find. But, if you have a name, you have enough to start your search. At JL & ASSOCIATES, LTD, as LICENSED private investigators, we utilize government, civil, criminal and different media platforms records to locate a subjects or witnesses last known address and more.

In most investigations, interviews of witnesses or subject’s are the main tool investigators use to find out what happened. More often than not, investigators have to rely almost entirely on statements from the main subjects and witnesses, who may contradict each other. If the main participants flatly deny each other’s claims, you’ll have to sort out who is telling the truth. However, an experienced investigator will allow the witness or subject the opportunity to continue there unverified claims.

Some subject’s or witnesses don’t want to believe that serious misconduct or harassment could happen in their company, and so tend to make light of possible wrongdoing. Others jump to the opposite conclusion, assuming that an employee would not complain without good cause.

As an investigator, your job is to avoid making assumptions. No matter how serious the problem or how straightforward the situation appears to be, don’t reach any conclusions until you have gathered and evaluated all the facts. If you start your investigation believing you already know what happened, you will miss some important details. But if you keep an open mind until your investigation is complete, you will conduct more thorough interviews and receive more candid answers to your questions.

The investigators goal when conducting an interview is to ascertain as much information as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to ask open-ended questions. If you ask questions that suggest the answer you want to hear or questions that call only for a yes or no answer, you will be doing all the talking. Instead, ask the witness what he or she heard, said, or did, and why, then listen carefully.

At JL & ASSOCIATES, LTD we do just that. After locating the subject or witness we can then interview them for you, which can help you with any criminal or civil litigation matter. Finding out the facts and reporting them back to our client honestly is always the primary goal of every investigation we conduct.

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