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David Bonola murder suspect – Did you know?

David Bonola the murder suspect and illegal immigrant charged with murdering married Queens mom Orsolya Gaal after their two-year, on-off affair appeared to run a YouTube channel obsessed with Big Apple crime — as well as tricks on how to seduce women. It was obvious from these two items that the arrogance of this man was one of, if ever rejected could be turned into a ticking time bomb.

Also did you know that in our country(via tax payers-city dollars)will pay for his defense and all experts, such as investigators, philologists and etc. As well as taxpayers dollars to prosecute him.

So the question here is should illegal immigrants that commit such horrendous crimes in this country still be under the protection of our constitution bill of rights?…

Many say NO, however, the elected politicians that are running our major cities mostly say YES!..

So the next time you go to vote, think about this horrendous violent crime that has taken place and then let your brain and conscious decide. No one deserves to die like this whether she was unfaithful or NOT!…

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