Ghislaine Maxwell Bail Rejection From A Private Investigator’s Perspective

Kombild Ghislaine Maxwell und Jeffrey Epstein

Five months later, when Maxwell returned to the court armed with a new $28.5 million proposed bail package and more than a dozen letters of support from family and friends, Farmer, 41(the Alleged Victim), again stepped forward to oppose Maxwell’s pretrial release.

So lets go over the facts here as we know it. Not what the media wants you to believe. 1) Jeffery Epstein was ALLEGED, NOT ACCUSED OR FOUND GUILTY of anything, however suffered while awaiting trial of a brutal dead in his prison cell. 2) The so called “victims” now see they cannot go after his estate like they thought, so they now indict the next best thing with money, Ghislaine Maxwell. Whether true or not this is our corrupt system and how it operates. 3) Allegedly, because she is a citizen in other countries her passports are confiscated(does NOT mean she cannot leave by private jet). 4) She offers the courts, 24 hr/7 day protective guard service of the courts choice and she will pay for. This offer is also denied. 5) Since when is it okay for a “Victim” aloud to object, or voice any opinion at a bail hearing?

So the big question here is, is this a fair bail hearing? Or is this just another bureaucratic Federal System that’s showing there corrupt authority that’s really violates individual federal laws.

If you compare the circumstances to, lets say Bill Cosby criminal trial. Then you definitely can say, NO, its not being fair. But then again, when you compare it to other wealthy defendants with similar crimes you may come to the conclusion yes. The point here, is that there is to much power left in the DA’s and Judges hands, instead of following one set of laws/guidelines that the probation department usually sets forth.. The last we checked(even though now with Biden in power)we are supposed to be a FREE democratic society.

It is bullshit if you think for one second you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. With over the thousands of criminal cases we worked on over the years, you best believe you are GUILTY, just like every other country in this world, first!… The allusion our government projects that we are any different, are believed ONLY amongst the naïve ones that have never found themselves in these type of circumstances yet. Say what you may about President Trump, and I’m NOT here to debate that, but he has done more reform for the criminal justice act in his four years then any other president that has served. Maybe because he might find himself in similar circumstances one day.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you ever have media attention upon you and you find yourself in similar circumstances, we suggest very highly to retain yourself a good lawyer(NOT A HOLLYWOOD ONE)but someone with the right contacts, smart and knows how to REALLY manage the system.

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