Brooklyn, NY Private Investigator

Do you need a Brooklyn Private Investigator? Is there a business or personal matter you can’t share anywhere else?

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, in Kings County, which has a population in 2020 of nearly 2,700,000 residents. One of the most diverse and populated boroughs, with rich history of celebrity star’dem to the best restaurants our country has ever eaten in. We have it all, so when you need someone to fight on your side, our tenacious, result oriented private investigators can do just that. Being rated # 1 in results by many Law Firm organizations

our team of investigators with former Federal, State & Local combined experience can investigate your set of circumstances and provide the peace of mind you or your organization are looking for. Many other investigation companies can’t compete due to lack of experience and knowledge of how our industry actually works, and skill level we set forth.

JL & ASSOCIATES, LTD sets the standards in the investigative industry that others follow. From Brooklyn Heights to Sheepshead Bay, we love helping Brooklyn residents and seeing our successful investigations help there circumstances. Our clients greatest success stories is our # 1 reason we are in this industry, and continue to work tenaciously and passionately over and over again, on ever case large or small, we receive.


In Brooklyn NY – 2016 – Domestic Violence Case – Results – Re-Instatement Of Restraining Order ** In Brooklyn NY – 2017 – Child Custody Case -Results – Full Custody Received By Client ** In Brooklyn NY – 2017 – Partnership Dispute – Results -Our client received buy out by other principals ** In Brooklyn NY 2018 – Wrongful Conviction -Results -New Appeal Trial(later conviction overturned) ** In Brooklyn NY 2019 – Corporate Due Diligence – Results – Merger was able to be established ** In Brooklyn 2020 – BLM Riots – Results -Personal Protection Established for Small Business Owners ** In Brooklyn NY 2020 – Corona Virus Shutdowns – Results – No Scientific Evidence Admitted Small Business able to reopen. In Brooklyn NY 2020 – Missing Person – Results – Reunited with their family These are just SOME OF THE REASONS you should hire JL & ASSOCIATES, LTD.


So contact us at 212-949-6530 for a FREE CONSULTATION BY PHONE. We are local, and we can help you with any CORPORATE, CIVIL, CRIMINAL OR DOMESTIC matter. Our experienced professional private investigators are tenacious and ready to assist you.