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What is the Alimony Law in New York? Alimony Lawdefined in New York State as well as many other states is payment one spouse makes to another during or after divorce. The purpose of alimony is to ensure that supported spouses continue to live the same or similar lifestyle as they did while they were married. In some states, alimony is known as spousal support. InNew York State, alimony is called maintenance.

In New York State, if a couple has been married for ten or more years a marriage is considered long term. In cases of dissolution of long term marriages, several combined factors may result in an entitlement of spousal support or alimony/maintenance.

In General, for short-term marriages(under ten years), permanent maintenance last no longer than half the length of the marriage, with “marriage” defined as the time between the date of marriage and the date of separation. So if your marriage lasted eight years, you may expect to pay or receive alimony for four years.

Most court ordered alimony/maintenance payments do NOT have to be a life time or a long obligation. Payments ordered at the time of divorce can be caused to change under certain circumstances. Such changes can be, if proven by a private investigator:

1) The party who is receiving payment has a substantial change in income.

2) The party who is receiving payment is cohabiting with another adult wage earner.

3) Some laws regarding alimony payments vary from state to state, but many DO NOT allow UNFAITHFUL spouses to petition the court for alimony payments. 

Alimony payments may NOT have to begin or at least can be REDUCED depending on the intelligence of your decision making.

JL & Associates, Ltd with over65+ years of combined experienceindomestic investigations can assist you with a thorough investigation that can ascertain the evidence and results you desire in court. We identify all wage earning adults in the household and verify there employment when possible or can show if a spouse was unfaithful prior to the divorce with different and creative investigative methods.

If you believe your spouse was unfaithful, cohabiting with another wage earning adult or income has substantial change contact our office at 212-949-6530. Consultations by phone are NO COST & NO OBLIGATION.

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